God loves me?

Before God made the world, He knew you.

And He loved you.

He knows all your thoughts, all your motives.

And He loves you.

He knows why you do the things you do.

And He loves you.

He knows what you are going to say before you say it.

And He loves you.

He knows your past.

And He loves you.

He knows your future.

And He loves you.

He sees everything you do.

And He loves you.

He knows what you do and think when your alone.

And He loves you.

He knows all your secrets.

And He loves you.

He knows you, more then you know yourself.

And He loves you.

You can not escape His gaze.

And He loves you.

You can hide nothing from Him.

He is your God.


With loving eyes He looks upon you and sees all.

He sees your goodness.

He sees your wickedness.

He sees your pain.

He sees your struggles.

He sees your potential.

He sees your shortcomings.

He sees your dreams.

He sees your desires.

He knows... you.


He wants... you.

And He loves you.


He is your provider.

He is your sustainer.

He gives you breath.

He holds together all that is the reality around you.

He runs the galaxies.

He holds existence together in the palm of His hand.

He is your healer.

He is your counselor.

He is your peace.

He is your God.

And He loves you.


And He wants you.


If you don't know Him, your Father, you must first

come through Jesus Christ, His Son. You can not

come into relationship with God, The Father, without

having yourself washed clean of sin by the blood of

Jesus Christ. There is a judgment upon you that can only

be removed by Jesus Christ. That judgment is: You have

committed sins, transgressed God's laws, and are guilty

and deserving of an eternal punishment, hell - separation

from God. Jesus took that punishment you deserve,

so that you wouldn't have to take it. He came to save you
from that. So you must first come to Jesus. Then you

will have access to the Father and all that He has for

you. He did it all, because...


He loves you.



And what else does He know??

Let's get down to it:


Who you hang out with

Who your friends are

What all your secrets are

How many hairs are on your head

How you comb your hair

What brand of socks you buy

What your having for dinner

Who your thinking about right now

What your doing tomorrow

What dreams you had last night

How you brush and floss your teeth

What you do in the bathroom

The exact amount of blood cells in your body

What you think about when your alone

I could get into more detail,

but I think you get the picture.


The thing is... your never alone.

God sees ALL THINGS.

Whatever you can think of, He sees.


And does He care about all these things... 

umm.... yes.


And does He still love you in all your human-ness?





We are absolutely naked in His sight.

We can do one of 2 things:


1) Run and cover ourselves with

fig leaves and hide, like Adam and Eve.




2) Humbly stand in His light in openness and

honesty, embrace His love, and let Him love

us and guide us with His truths.



God is a great and awesome God. A Holy God,

and a tender, loving, caring, intimate God.

Get to know Him today. Or if you already know

Him, spend more time with Him today!